Most of the work is printed in the studio. It's digital, 8 color, wide format printing, using the Epson 11880.

Media include:

  • Epson FIne Art Papers
  • Breathing Color Canvas
  • Jaquard Rice Paper
  • Lexjet Rayon and synthetic media

Mounting and Backing:

  • 1/2" MDF with painted edge and a inset frame (on back), one and a half inch deep, canvas or paper cut to backing edge (no wrap).
  • 1/4" acrylic in shapes with rice paper glued to front
  • thin polycarbonate flexible sheet with rayon fabric glued to front or sewn.
  • rayon fabric stretched over shaped steel rod frame
  • phenolic with rice paper glued to front

The art can be flat or dimensional, single or multi piece, eye popping brilliant (back lit rayon), or subdued (rice paper).

  • Please contact us for pricing: (four-one-three) 348 7794