peter kitchell - digital prints catalog

By it’s nature, this portfolio is a snapshot in time. New series and images are evolving continuously. Still, this portfolio represents examples from many, but far from all of the series and projects since I began to work in this style.

This book is meant as a sampling of what is available from KFA. It also is meant as a starting point in describing custom future projects you may have. If you can find something in here that appeals to you then we can work towards a mural or series of individual pieces that fit your needs.

More a catalog than a coffee table book. The images are organized by the series they represent with a very simple index in the front. In most cases there are more images in any given series than you see here. Installation shots are in the back. Otherwise most pages are formatted with the series, years that the series images have been created in, and our recommended media and mounting method. Near the print image, or near the bottom of the page for the larger print images, you will find the individual titles.