the digital work of peter kitchell

Here is a large random set of collages built within the format these pages offer.

The overriding connection between these images is time, what sources i was pulling from at a given time. The earliest work in the beginning to the last and most recent pages. All the material is derived from images i have painted, photographed, or scanned. Some of the imagery is taken whole or in part from digital prints or projects that i have put out in the world in the last few years. Some of the imagery is waiting to find it’s way into a use beyond this book. The combinations of images and textures here are purely for my own pleasure.

The process behind this work involves painting backgrounds in the studio, as well as going on photographing trips out in the world. This book is meant to portray the breadth of my wanderings internal and external. It’s a fact that there is often little difference between the two. I suspect this is the same for most of us, traveling the big world to find small but profound connections.

Back in the studio, i work on illustrating the raw beauty of those all too brief focused moments from a recent photo trip. The visual connections that appear in the imagery i am working on are what close the loop between chance and insight and send me back out the door again. It’s a way of staying interested.


a small edition of this book will be custom printed, 11" x 14", 300 plus pages, more than 150 full color spreads. price to be determined. please ask us about it.