Bridge series 2007 - 2010

I started out with the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, with other major bridges to be added to the series. The shredded cloths in the collage are painters tarps rigged under the bridge to help block the wind while they work. With the incoming fog, the wind can be really fierce as it whips around Fort Point and into the bay.

  • Golden Gate Bridge 1B
  • Golden Gate Bridge 2C
  • Golden Gate Bridge 1B | 2010 | 62 x 43 | 1 of 2

    Circular stone steps from the Civil War fort under the bridge. RIpping painters tarps, and the view back into the bay from the Marin headlands.

  • Golden Gate Bridge 2C | 2010 | 60 x 40 | 2 of 2

    The girder supportwork from under the bridge, and a view looking down onto the bridge from the Marin headlands as the bridge deck passes just inside this deck.