San Francisco series 2008

Also started as a series for Editions Limited, I was able to capitalize on navigating the city of San Francisco by bicycle for 30 years. You get to know a place this compact very well moving at the 10 mph of a bicycle. I commuted to downtown for work and Tai Chi and rode across the bridge to Marin and the headlands on a regular basis as well. Some parts of the city have not changed a whole lot in these past 60 years, especially a lot of my childhood haunts. None of the abandoned places are left though.

  • SF 4 Market Street
  • SF 3 Golden Gate Park
  • SF 2 Palace Legion Reflection
  • SF 4 Under the Bridge, Golden Gate
  • SF 4 Market Street | 2008 | 36 x 36 | 1 of 4

    The old trolly overhead electric lines still run the length of Market St.

  • SF 3 Golden Gate Park | 2008 | 36 x 36 | 2 of 4

    The New De Young Museum and the band shell in Golden Gate Park make one of the best combinations of old and new I have seen.

  • SF 2 Palace Legion Reflection | 2008 | 36 x 36 | 3 of 4

    Misty mornings beore the crowds out at the Palace Legion of Honor, looking back at the city.

  • SF 4 Under the Bridge, Golden Gate | 2008 | 12 x 15 | 4 of 4

    View from the fort under the Golden Gate Bridge, De Youg Museum