Nova Scotia series 2002

Nova Scotia is one more place I am anxious to spend more time exploring. The rugged Northern Coat of the peninsula reminds me of Northern California where I grew up. Mid summer in NS has the same feel and weather as late fall on the Marin Coast. Those dark stormy skies, lots of rain and endless sunsets combine well with the very rugged terrain. The single carpenter gothic chapel reminds me of Mendocino as well. My father told me as I saw Mendocino for the first time as a kid that the architecture was straight from New England. So true. And, as I realized, where on the East Coast can you see sunsets over open water, now which direction is west?

  • Ziggurat Bay
  • Rope Cave
  • Pileing Cabbage
  • Knot Float
  • Ziggurat Bay | 1 of 4

  • Rope Cave | 2 of 4

  • Pileing Cabbage | 3 of 4

  • Knot Float | 4 of 4